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Exploring Florence with a Guided Tour

There are so many things to see and do in Florence that everyone visiting the city can find it a challenge to decide which ones to visit, what to see and do! There are many museums, churches, piazzas and bridges to visit and explore, artisans workshops, boutique shops and local markets to buy a souvenirs to take back home and much more. A month-long holiday in Florence wouldn't be enough to discover all its wonders.

The best solution to this "problem": join a guided tour of the city to help you visit a selection of the city's best attractions and sights, making sure you do not miss the best of the Cradle of Renaissance!

You can book a guided tour of many of the city's museums, but particularly of the Uffizi Gallery, to better enjoy the marvelous works of art in the museum considered to be one of the most important in the world, skipping the long lines you always find at the entrance. See the best of Florence in a "highlights" or "best of" tour in walking guided tours and learn interesting details about the history of the city. If you prefer to tour the city with a little less walking, you could enjoy a eco-friendly electric cart tour or the flexibility of the hop-on, hop-off double-deck buses. How about a cooking class where you can learn to make pasta and then enjoy it as lunch? Food tours, wine-tastings, bike tours... there is something for everyone, no matter which one you'll choose, it will make your time in Florence unforgettable!

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Visit the Uffizi Gallery with a Guide

With over 1,5 million of visitors every year, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence is the most visited museum in Italy. Avoid long lines and enjoy your visit to the Uffizi with a tour guide that will explain and place into context the beauty and wonder of the masterpieces in the Uffizi.

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Top Guided Tours in Spring Starting in Florence Italy

Step up your game while in Florence this April, May or June and add one of our top tours for spring to your itinerary. We reviewed the list & offer you a selection of the best tours for exploring the city and its museums as well as beyond the walls into Tuscany, with a departure point in Florence.

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Guided Tour of the Accademia Gallery

Why consider a guided tour? Because it makes your visit to the museum to see Michelangelo's David fun and interesting! Plus, there is more to see than just the David, visiting with an expert guide makes discovering the rest of the artwork inside

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Small group Cooking Class & Market Tour

Try something new in Florence: learn how to make fresh pasta, have some fun while doing it and then enjoy the delicious food you've helped prepare! Then once back home, you can make it again for family and friends, adding both the experience and recipes to your repertoire of yummy homemade dishes.

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Wine Tastings in Florence & Chianti

Whether you have an hour or an entire day, don't leave Florence without doing some wine tasting! You can join a class in town on Tuscan wines and taste or go on a half or full day tour into neighboring Chianti or as far as Montalcino or Montepulciano to get your chance to taste great Tuscan wines.

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Walking Tours of Florence

One of the best ways to see Florence, especially if you're short on time, if to join a walking tour to see the highlights of the city and get an insider's view on local history. Then go back to the spots you enjoyed to spend more time there!

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Bike in Florence and Surrounding Hills

Ride the hills of Florence in the company of expert cyclists Piero and Elena and see the city from unique vantage views! Easy, moderate routes through the hills will make your ride fun and a dream come true.

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7 Tours for Family Fun with Kids in Florence

The best way to keep the family & kids engaged while exploring the beauty of Florence? Include one of our 5 tours for family fun. They are adventurous & exciting, but most of all a great opportunity to create unforgettable vacation memories.

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Wine Tasting and Dinner in Florence

Want to do wine tastings of the best Tuscan wines right in Florence? At the Piazza del Vino wine bar/shop/restaurant you can enjoy a great late afternoon aperitivo and taste Tuscany's great wines: Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano and Bolgheri wines.

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Cooking Classes in Florence

Want to bring back home a special taste of Tuscany as souvenir of your holidays? Learn how to prepare typical Tuscan dishes and traditional recipes to try then back home with your family and friends and taste whenever you want the original flavours from Tuscany. Enjoy one of the many cooking classes organized in Florence, there are many that vary depending on the duration time and prices, take a look at our proposals below.

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Why visit Florence in the low season?

There are many reasons, including being more budget-friendly and enjoying less crowded sights! Read our article for more reasons why visiting Florence in its low season is a good idea.

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Museum Tickets and Tours

Florence's Uffizi and Accademia Galleries are among the most visited museums in all of Italy and this means long lines. Save money and time by booking your tickets ahead of time! Or better yet, get the most of these museums with a guided tour that will make the best use of your limited time as well as present the artworks in the best way possible.

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A Day Tour to Cinque Terre

If you have to absolutely go visit the Cinque Terre from Florence, we highly recommend this group day tour: travel faster by bus to have more free time in each town and then go on an absolute must, the boat ride!

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Twilight Itineraries: Florence Charm at night

Under the stars and the light of the moon, these 3 itineraries are best enjoyed as a relaxing stroll with no specific goal in mind. The summer sun can burn you out too fast & winter gets dark so fast, but these twilight itineraries can be rewarding and particularly romantic - even on your own.

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8 Ways to Enjoy Florence when it is Hot

Aimlessly wandering the summer streets of Florence can prove to be a bit much if you don’t like the heat. These are our top 8 choices for keeping it cool with an organized tour while on holiday in the beautiful Renaissance City.

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6 of the Best Tours This Fall

With the onset of cooler temps, Florence offers many new opportunities to explore both inside & outside the city. And the best thing of all? You don’t need to do it on your own. These professionally organized tours are great additions to your itinerary

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Top Winter Tours: Organising your Vacation in & around Florence

The winter weather shouldn't interfere with your holiday plans, especially when there are so many exciting things that can be organized in & around Florence with the help of a professional guide and tour agency. Here are our top ideas to jump-start your winter vacation.

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Join an exclusive tour of Florence's cathedral

Be sure to see it all! This private tour with an exclusive visit to the Rooftop Terraces of the Duomo in Florence is perfect. With this tour you can skip-the-line with your personal guide into the cathedral and to the terraces, then climb the rest of the way to visit the cupola, then the Bell Tower, Baptistery & Duomo Museum on your own.

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Walking Food Tour: Small Group Tour of Food & Art in Florence

Art and food are the perfect mix in this guided tour organized in Florence: enjoy a walk through the streets of Florence with a local expert guide to learn cultural and historical trivia while also tasting its wine and food specialties of the city along the way with stops at wine shops, the San Lorenzo market, delis and gelato shop!

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What to see at the Uffizi? A guide can help you!

Have limited time to visit the Uffizi? A visit with a guide can help you make your way through the museum’s main rooms so you don’t miss any of the most important masterpieces by Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and more!

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