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Typical products of Florence

Artisan gold jewelry is one of the most appreciated handicraft boasting the virtual label "made in Florence". If you have already been in Florence, you'll surely remind of the many goldsmith workshops spread all over the center (not often easy to find, hidden in side tiny streets), especially closeby and on Ponte Vecchio, the characteristic bridge crossing the Arno river that house some of the most important jewelry shops in the world.

This exclusive "product" of Florence is the result of a long tradition and centuries-old experience in gold jewelry handcraft in Florence, where artisans still design and create precious gold objects in their characteristic workshops - where time seems to have stopped in the late '800 - combining the old goldsmithing tradition with a hint of innovation, the perfect mix that gives these works of art a special touch. Renowned worldwide for their high quality and perfect, dazzling beauty, these handmade pieces of jewelry represent the key product of the long handicraft tradition of Florence, together with the art of leather making.

Leather is another top products of Tuscany and Florence, where there are still many master craftmen that work tanned animal hides into amazing and fashionable items, like jackets, handbags, shoes, belts and many others. Leather hand-crafting is another of the most ancient professions and traditions in Florence, where you'll find many and many shops displaying modern and coloured leather items. If you're looking for original and typical souvenirs from your stay in Tuscany to bring back home, a piece of gold jewelry or a leather item represent the perfect ideas for a present to someone special.

Obviously, another old tradition of Florence is that of wine-making (Florence's historical center was the place where the traditional "fiaschi" were made - the glass round flasks containing wine that have become a symbol of Tuscany). Today this old local tradition is celebrated with the feast of Carro Matto - Crazy Cart - and the Grape Harvesting, with a marvellous parade of people dressed up in ancient costumes, drummers and flag-throwers that wind their way through the center and those quarters where the flask artisans used to have their workshops.

Find out all the local specialties in this section, we'll be adding other articles and give you more ideas for the best souvenir that most represent Tuscany and Florence to bring back home.

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