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Monuments, Palaces and Piazzas to see in Florence

Florence is considered by many to be an open-air museum. If you are interested in architecture, for example, you don't need to visit any museums: many of the palaces and squares are masterpieces of their own.
Designed by Michelozzo, Andrea di Cambio and Brunelleschi, among many others, many of the great palaces and piazzas in Florence are spectacular to behold. The main squares often display statues by Giambologna or Michelangelo. Ponte Vecchio, Old Bridge, is a treasure to admire.

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Panoramic View from Piazzale Michelangelo

Piazzale Michelangelo is the place to go to get all those beautiful panoramic views of the city and catch a stunning sunset. The viewpoint is to the south of the historical center, here's how to get there either by foot or bus!

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The Palazzo Vecchio Museum and Tower

With fortress like castellations and a 311 foot high bell tower, Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio conveys the message of political power supported by military strength. A beautiful museum today, a must-see in Florence hiding extraordinary treasures!

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The Ponte Vecchio, or Old Bridge

Looking for the perfect photo opportunity...or maybe just the most perfect gold "bling" to take home as a souvenir of Florence?  Ponte Vecchio is the best place to get both!  Connecting the Uffizi to Palazzo Pitti, this bridge is an everlasting symbol of Florence and its endurance over natural and man-made disasters.

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Piazza della Signoria: The Political Heart of Florence

Stand in the center of Piazza della Signoria, in the shadow of the imposing Palazzo Vecchio and you will find the ghosts of Florence's past political might.  Surrounded by art, architecture and history, this sqaure is the political heart of Florence.

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Piazza San Marco: A Main Connection in Florence

This Florentine square is responsible for connecting the corners of the extended city, all in front of the amazing San Marco church.  Almost every tourist passes through these streets heading off to the Accademia, Piazza SS Annunziata or the Duomo of Florence.

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Piazza SS Annunziata: Secrets & Symmetry

Touted as perhaps one of the most beautiful city squares in Florence, Piazza della Santissima Annunziata is shrouded in mystery & elegance. Use our guide to walk around the square and discover its hidden secrets and graceful symmetry.

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Piazza Santo Spirito: Florenceā€™s Left Bank

Situated in an area called Oltrarno, Piazza Santo Spirito boasts a lively atmosphere both day & night. Home to markets & fairs, the square is a meeting point for the young at heart, artists and intellectuals, both Italian & non. The Piazza looks upon the elegant Basilica of Santo Spirito, designed by Filippo Brunelleschi.

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3 Towers in Florence with Amazing View from Above

Love panoramic views? Follow our recommendations on your visit to Florence and climb the Tower of Arnolfo, Giotto's Bell Tower and the Tower of San Niccolò! Enjoy some of the most extraordinary views of Florence from above and create even more special memories of your time in Florence.

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Piazza della Repubblica: The Roman City Center

The foundation was built by the Romans, with the decumanus and cardo passing through this square. Today, with its many cafes and street artists, it is an inviting piazza.  From here you can head in all directions to explore the beauty of Florence.

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Piazza Santa Maria Novella

Piazza Santa Maria Novella is a beautiful square, recently cleaned up and fixed up, that stands before the beautiful church of Santa Maria Novella.

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The Medici Villa at Castello and its Beautiful Italian Garden

Visit the Medici Villa at Castello and its splendid Italian garden. Designed by Tribolo, the same architect of the famous Boboli Gardens in Florence, the garden's many statues and fountains, the Cave of Animals, secret gardens and more are a delight to enjoy a quiet day during your trip to Florence. Just a bus ride away, and entrance is free!

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