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Exhibitions in Florence

A selection of current exhibits across the city, at major museums, private museums and galleries.

events Current exhibitions

  • Pure, simple and natural in Florentine Art between the 1500s and 1600s

    Uffizi Gallery - Until November 2, 2014 ** Extended until January 6, 2015
    A sort of celebration of classical art values and traditions during the post Renaissance period that actually consists - despite the contrary opinion that has been prevailing till now - in the abandoning of the redundant manneristic art tendency, that, in turn, has contributed to the natural evolution of modern art: a sort of evolution into tradition.

  • Christmas Expo

    Galleria 360 - Until January 6, 2015
    An art exhibition that always attracts lots of visitors for the many important artists that annually take place in.

  • Riccardo Antonelli - Showcase. Window Faces

    Galleria Frascione Arte di Firenze, Via Maggio 5 - Until January 17, 2015
    Pictures of people looking at a window, taken for capturing their feelings and re-elaborated in a pictorial form.

  • Hunting with Cosimo I. Medicean Weapons at the villa

    Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi, Historical Museum of Hunting and Territory - Until January 18, 2015
    A not-only pictorial roundup on the Medicean dynasty and its vocation to hunting, settled in a context that may be considered equally important: the Villa Medicea in Cerreto Guidi, originally choosen by the Medicean family for being the perfect place where arranging their huntings.

  • Luigi Ghirri. The impossible image

    Gallery Poggiali e Forconi - Until January 20, 2015
    The current Florentine exhibits overview wouldn’t be complete without a photo exhibition, that pays its tribute to the vintage photo collection of one of the most important photographers of the XIXth century. The works on exhibit date back to the seventy's and the early ninety's.

  • Picasso and Spanish Modernity

    Palazzo Strozzi - Until January 25, 2015
    This exhibition offers the chance to see up-close some of Picasso's works, one of the most important artists of the 20th century, within a backdrop as suggestive and evocative as the exhibit itself, in Palazzo Strozzi. The works of other famous Spanish artists, such as Salvador Dalì, Juan Mirò, Juan Grìs and Julio Gonzalez, are also in display and compared with Picasso’s in a sort of artistic self-analysis aimed to highlight the contribution of these artists to the evolution of modern and contemporary art.


    Casa Martelli - Until March 8, 2015
    An interesting glance at the subject of the private devotions by some of the most important and influential Florentine families during the past centuries, particularly focusing on the Martelli family. A special itinerary will guide visitors to the discovery of both Casa Martelli Museum - with a totally original guided visit - and Villa La Quiete, usually closed to public.

  • Portraits of villages, seas and towns

    Palazzo Pitti, Palatine Gallery, Sala delle Nicchie - Until February 1, 2015
    A topographic and historical roundup focused on the faithful representation of reality on local maps and representations of battles for the occupation of the territory and the supremacy of the Medicean family.

  • Passion and Collecting

    Casa Buonarroti - Until February 10, 2015
    A majolica collection aimed to retrace the 5 centuries historical itinerary - from the XIVth to the XVIIIth century - through which the collector has been guided by his passion - as the exhibit name suggests - to develop his vocation to this particular type of visual art.

  • Faces in Hermeticism: Venturino at Villa Bardini and the Bonsanti Archives

    Villa Bardini - February 15, 2015
    This exhibit is designed to show the particular synergy between art and poetry in Florence during the late XXth century, through several works of Venturino Venturi and portraits of those artists who may be considered the protagonists of the Hermetic Florentine tendency.

  • Treasures from the Buccellati Foundation: From Mario to Gianmaria, 100 years of history in art of goldsmithery

    Palazzo Pitti, Silver Museum - Until February 22, 2015
    This is an unmissable event for all passionates of the Florentine goldsmith art, whose ancient tradition dates back to the times of Benvenuto Cellini (Florentine artist who lived during the first XVIth century, mainly famous for his gold-working capabilities). There will be over 100 goldsmith works realized by the two renowned contemporary artists, whom the exhibit is dedicated to.

  • Luci sul ‘900

    Palazzo Pitti, Modern Art Gallery - Until March 8, 2015
    A sort of historic and artistic jump back in time into the past of the Gallery of Modern Art at Palazzo Pitti in Florence, aimed to celebrate the centenary of its foundation (dating back to the 1914) and retrace all its past events that have contributed to the development of what - in its origin - was a simple gallery of modern art. A retrospection through its glorious past focusing, at the same time, on the years to come.

  • Equilibrium

    Museo Ferragamo - Until April 12, 2015
    An exhibition showing works of some of the most representative and symbolic artists of the modern and contemporary art, consisting in a selection and comparison designed to highlight an important existential theme: the research of oneself and his own equilibrium, pursued through different means and represented, in turn, by equally different art means: picture, sculpture, photograph and writing.

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