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  • The Amazing Shoemaker

    Until March 31 - Ferragamo Museum, Santa Trinità, 5
    The museum addresses the story of shoes and shoemakers through fairy tales, a form of storytelling as a source of man's creative genius in times of trouble.

  • Hats between art and extravaganza

    Until to May 18 - Palazzo Pitti, Costume Gallery
    For the first time the Costume Gallery will be host to one of the most important objects in fashion throughout history, the hat. With almost 180 different hats on display from the museum's own collection and from loans, this exhibition will take you through a journey to discover the role Florence played in fashion, the various influence of fashion designers such as Dior, Prada and Yves Saint-Laurent in the fashion accessory world, and the importance of Italian milliner shops (women hat maker shops) in Florence.

  • Cortona. The Dawn of the Etruscan Princes

    Until July 31 - Archeological Museum, P.zza della S.S. Annunziata
    A collection of over 200 pieces from the Etruscan tombs in the area around Cortona.

  • Paola De Gregorio and Florence

    Until April 3rd - Casa di Dante Museum
    Casa di Dante has curated this exhibition to bring light to the work of Italy’s De Gregorio and her life achievements in art. This show illustrates how her work as an artist was, and is to this day, different from other artwork seemingly alike, that is, her portraiture, the social themes and criticism her work represents, and her iconic representation of religious art.

  • Aldo Fallai. Da Giorgio Armani al Rinascimento

    Until April 10th - Villa Bardini
    This photography collection of over 200 photographs has been extended for its acclaimed reviews in some of the most important magazines and newspapers in the world. It shows the work of Aldo Fallai, a born and raised Florentine photographer who worked closely with Giorgio Armani when Italian fashion began to take the world by storm. He captured the beauty and allure of women and Italian fashion that Armani created with his collections, bringing light to the Italian fashion sector as it rose to popularity in the 1980s.

  • A Misura di Libro

    Until April 23rd - Entre Cassa di Risparmio
    Until April 26th, The Marino Marini Museum

    For those of us fascinated by the book world, this exhibit is for us as it tells the story of the editorial house with over 100 publications from the Centro Di’s library dating from the 1960’s to present day. Through the various publications, this exhibition will reconstruct the influence of the Center for the International Documentation of the Arts and the role it played in publishing and distributing books on art throughout Italy during the 1960’s. Similarly, the exhibition at the Marino Marini Museum will tell the same story but through the personal collection and files of Alessandra Marchi who played an important role during this time in the arts.

  • Once in a Lifetime

    Until April 27th - Palatina Gallery (Pitti Palace)
    Held in the Sala Bianca, this exhibition brings over 130 pieces to the public from over 30 institutions who have come together to provide a special look into some of the most important documents that remain generally unavailable to viewers. Including manuscripts, books and drawings, this collection seeks to bring out the importance and beauty of historical, political and cultural pieces such as original letters, one of the first publications of Vasari’s book Lives of the Artists, official documentation of Michelangelo and a sketch from Raphael. Drawing upon an array of pieces, this exhibition will also draw attention to two historical disasters that affected Florentine archives, the 1968 Arno flood and the 1993 Via dei Georgofili bombing. This is a distinctive opportunity to see documents and books that have never been seen before and may well not crop up again for some time.

  • The Room of the Muses. Baroque painting from the Francesco Molinari Collection

    Until May 11th - Uffizi Gallery
    This private collection from Bologna, created and owned by the famous music conductor Francesco Molinari Pradelli, displays over 100 paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries, including a wide selection of Baroque and still life pieces. Pradelli traveled all over the world conducting and later, collecting art in the 1950’s. This exhibition gives you the rare opportunity to see just one of many private art collections that very seldom become open to the public eye.

  • Getting Reaquainted with Michelangelo

    Until May 18th - Accademia Gallery
    Through a series of photographs, paintings and sculptures, this exhibition will show how photography has placed a significant role in interpreting, viewing and understanding Michelangelo’s artwork. Through these photographs, we will learn how photographers have played just as important role as art critics in forming ideas and interpreting artwork by bringing out hidden angles and insight of art, including work from Eugène Delacroix and Auguste Rodin. Continually drawing upon links between various photographers and art work, the exhibitions brings us all the way to 20th century artists such as Henri Matisse who, we will learn, has clearly been influenced by Michelangelo’s presence.

  • Pontormo & Rosso Fiorentino: The Diverging Paths of Mannerism

    Until July 20th - Palazzo Strozzi
    This exhibition highlights two of Tuscany’s greatest artists during the initial mannerist period in Italy in the early 16th century, following the Renaissance. Both artists who studied under Andrea del Sarto, use bright colors and almost violent, excited brush strokes to step away and differ their styles from the classic, harmonious characteristics of the 15th century Renaissance period. This collection caters to a large audience, explaining the life and works of both artists, and provides the viewer with a clear, organized overview of the initial period of Mannerism and what characterizes it.

  • Radical Femininity

    Until September 7th - Gucci Museum
    The contemporary art gallery in the Gucci Museum is currently exhibiting a show on three prominent female artists whose work represents the critique of the contemporary society through the representation of the female body during the 1960s and early 70s. The sculptures and paintings Lee Lozano, Alina Szapocznikow and Evelyn Axell, are displayed together, making this a rare opportunity in Italy as exhibitions like this are seldom curated. All three artists share in their representation of the female form by using it as a symbol of desire and suffering and thus, their critique on the changing society during the 20th century.

  • Boccaccio: Author and Copyist

    Until June 14th - Laurentian Library
    To celebrate the seventh century birthday of Giovanni Boccaccio, one of Italys most important, influential and well known authors born in 1313, The Laurentian Library, located in the San Lorenzo Basilica, will display over 50 manuscripts, papers, rare signatures by Boccaccio himself and other multimedia materials to draw an interactive line through Boccaccio’s life and works, explaining his significant presence and influence throughout the centuries.

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