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A selection of current exhibits across the city, at major museums, private museums and galleries.

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        Florence, Tornabuoni Arte - December 12 - November 28, 2015
        A rich and significant selection of works of current artists on the national and international scene, including some of the most recent young avant-garde artists, carefully set up thanks to the attentive research carried out by Tornabuoni Art. An artistic path through which visitors can retrace the most significant phases of modern and contemporary art.

      • alberto predieri's toy soldier collection

        Florence, Ente CRF - December 17, 2014 - December 31, 2015
        One of the most important national collection that includes several toy soldiers dating back to different times, from the XVIIIth century to the Italian Risorgimento (that period that leaded to the unification of Italy). These soldiers have been faithfully and excellently recreated, representing important and valuable examples of this kind of art.

      • carlo dolci - florence 1616 - 1687

        Florence, Palatina Gallery of Palazzo Pitti - From June 30 to November 15, 2015
        This exhibit is aimed to celebrate one of the greatest protagonists of the XVIIth century Florentine painting with more than 100 works on show, including also a few drawings. A sort of artistic exemplars to further confirm his wonderful talent in describing reality in a so hyper-realist manner: his works are so rich in details and his figures so perfectly defined that can hardly be distinguished from reality.

      • the power of myth

        Florence, Buonarroti House - Until November, 15 2015
        An interesting exhibition showing the plans for the facade of the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence, from Michelangelo to the XXth century contest. The location - Casa Buonarroti - has not been choosen by chance, obviously, since the old Michelangelo's wooden plan is still preserved here; during the XVIth century, the Florentine artist was, in fact, designed to realize the facade, but the project was suspended as fast as it had been started. From then onwards - till last century - several circumstances have caused the failure of this project, that has finally been dismissed, considered an "impossible work".

      • florence capital city 1865-2015: the king's gifts and collections

        Florence, Modern Art Gallery - November 19 - April 3, 2016
        This exhibition is aimed to celebrate the anniversary of Florence as Capital City of Italy and, at the same time, to show the king Vittorio Emanuele II's artistic tastes and passions. Starting from November 18, 1865 - when the Parliament was moved from Turin to Florence - Palazzo Pitti became the new king's residence, where he collected many works of art that thus represent and testify his artistic style and enthusiasm, while giving an exact snapshot of the palace aspect during that period.

      • carlo portelli - a painter of some worth

        Florence, Accademy Gallery - December 22 - April 30, 2016
        Florentine painter that lived and worked during the late Renaissance, mainly known by art experts than the "amateur public" that usually visits the museums of Florence: Carlo Portelli is an original, innovative, creative and even uninhibited artist who dedicated himself to the conceptual and explicative painting. This exhibit shows about 50 of his works including paintings, documents and drawings, among which there's the majestic altarpiece representing the Immaculate Conception realized in 1566, universally considered his most important masterpiece and, at the same time, his most irreverent work for representing a naked Eva in the foreground.

      • rigour and grace

        Florence, Boboli Garden - Costume Gallery - Silver Museum - until May 17, 2016
        This exhibition is designed to show some late XVIIth century artists' works of art which are not so famous as many others of the same period and, at the same time, to focus on the recently restored places contiguous to the Palatine Chapel in Palazzo Pitti which, till nowadays, has been opened to public in rare occasions only and now included in the artistic itinerary of this unmissable show. A small but very ineresting artistic treasure belonged to one of the most important laical congregations in Florence, the Company of San Benedetto Bianco.

      • divine beauty from van gogh to chagall and fontana

        Florence, Strozzi Palace - September 24 - January 24, 2016
        A one-of-a-kind exhibition exposing some among the most famous and important modern masterpieces of art in the world, including artists like Jean François Millet, Van Gogh, Munch, Picasso and Matisse just to cite a few. An artistic itinerary aimed to gather different art movements and different artists that lived and worked from the second half of the XIXth century to the first of the XXth, for comparing and analyzing their approach to the sacred and spiritual world through art, throughout 100 years lapse of time.

      • the prince of dreams. the stories of joseph in the "arazzi" of pontormo and bronzino

        Florence, Palazzo Vecchio - Until February 15, 2016
        An exhibit combining art, history and technology as it often happens recently. For the first time after the Unification of Italy, the twenty tapestries - commissioned by Cosimo I de Medici to some of the most important artists of the Florentine Renaissance for the Hall of the Two Hundred in Palazzo Vecchi in Florence - have been reunited right in the place which they have originally been designed to. During the late XIXth century, in fact, the Savoia family wanted some of them to be moved to Rome and since then they haven't ever been exposed together...till now! This show also includes a multimedial section with high-definition documentaries and interactive instruments for going deeper into these marvellous tapestries history and technique.

      • jeff koons in florence

        Florence, historical center - Until December 28, 2015
        An exhibition that strikes up a sort of artistic dialogue between the impressive Jeff Koons' works, a genial contemporary American artist, and those realized  by some of the greatest Florentine Renaissance's artists, that go beyond any time and space boundary. Original and imponent sculptures representing the American contemporary artistic panorama have been placed just in front of Palazzo Vecchio, next to those masterpieces of art that have become part of this one-of-a-kind Florentine context (for the first time after 500 years - when Baccio Bandinelli's Ercole and Caco was placed here - a new sculpture "Pluto and Proserpina" has been welcomed inside this prestigious artistic courtyard) and inside the Sala dei Gigli.

      • 30.000 years ago the first flour. at the origins of feeding

        Florence, Ente CR Firenze Exhibition Hall - Until January 3, 2016
        This exhibit, based on the recent archaeological foundings about the prehistoric man eating habits and diet, seems to change the history and story of the evolution of the human feeding. The show focuses on the discovery of a grindstone and a pounder that were probably used for producing the first flour in the human history and offers environmental reconstructions and large panels about the prehistoric man activities of hunting and harvesting.

      • le rouge et le feu

        Firenze, Galleria ZetaEffe - fino al 26 novembre 2015
        Omaggio all'artista francese scomparso quest'anno Bernard Aubertin in una retrospettiva che riprcorre le tappe principali della carriera e del percorso artistico di Aubertin con opere, documenti ed interviste volti, centrata su quei fulcri attorno ai quali ha ruotato un pò tutta la sua espressione pittorica: i monocromi rossi ed il fuoco, da cui il titolo della mostra.

      • little big museums 2015: 20th century tuscany

        Florence, various locations - Until December 31, 2015
        The Tuscan Region's project has been dedicated this year to highlight the 20th century artistic heritage of Tuscany and its main protagonists: until December 31, 22 museums spread out all over the region will be housing exhibition, educational workshops, activities and projects for families, guided visits to the discovery of the rare beauties that many of our less famous museums hide. To find out itineraries, opening hours and the scheduled programs, take a look at the website

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