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A selection of some of the more popular current exhibits across the city, at major museums, private museums and galleries. Learn more about some of the more intiguing contemporary art exhibits at our blog post

Of course, Florence isn't the only place in Tuscany that features interesting exhibits of art, archeology and design! With Pistoia topping the list as Capital of the Culture for 2017 followed by Siena, Empoli, Lucca, Pisa and more. Check our calendar for exhibits throughout Tuscany for 2017 that you won't want to miss while touring the region.

Combine the fabulous art of Florence with a program events and activities that will help introduce you to this wonderful city, click the month below to stay updated on the latest news.


Below are the highlights of some of the exciting shows available to the public in Florence, be sure to include at least one in your itinerary!


Villa Bardini Peyron | DIVINA COMMEDIA | Feb 26

by Venturino Venturi

When: September 29 - February 26, 2017

Address: Costa S. Giorgio, 2, 50125 Florence

Hours: See official Website

Reflecting on Dante and the Divine Comedy through the eyes of a modern artist, Venturino Venturi born in Loro Ciuffenna in 1918, an exceptional representative of the second half of the 1900’s. There are 54 pieces in exhibition for the first time ever which represent pieces taken directly from Dante’s masterpiece “Divina Commedia”



following a path from the XIII to XX century

When: October 1 - January 15, 2017

Address: Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, via Bufalini 6, Florence

Hours: Free Entrance only with a reservation and guided tour
Tel. +39 055 5384001 or email:

The exhibition is the conclusion of a project to organize the immense (over 900 pieces to choose from) collection of art by the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze with pieces by Giotto and Filippino Lippi,as well as several more contemporary or modern pieces which tell the story of Florence.


Palazzo Pitti | REAL TIME | EXTENDED until March 5

Clocks from Palazzo Pitti from XVII to XX century

When: September 13 - January 8, 2017

Address: Piazza de' Pitti, 1, 50123 Florence

For more Into Website

The monumental figure of Kronos by Gherardo Silvani will greet you for this special occasion in the courtyard of Palazzo Pitti, and will show you the path to follow towards the apartments of the Duchessa d’Aosta, where you can explore the different ways throughout time that the Florentines would tell time: spanning the Medici, Lorena and Sabauda reigns.Approximately 70 clocks have been selected from over 200 examples, most of which some way are tied to Palazzo Pitti. The criteria for the selection includes the form, the use of the clock and the environment in which it was kept.


Palazzo Pitti | FASHION IN FLORENCE | March 5

Through the lens of Archivio Foto Locchi

When: Jan 10 - March 5, 2016

Address: Andito degli Angiolini, Piazza de' Pitti, 1, 50123 Florence

For more Info Website

An exhibition features the photography of Foto Locchi reporters not only on the catwalks of the Sala Bianca, but also in the private palazzos and historic gardens with their gala dinners, parties and exclusive rendezvous. Divided into three sections the show uses 100 rare photo shots from the 1930’s to the 1970’s to tell the story of the world of fashion in Florence.

The artisan workshops: Already in the 1920’s, the legend of Florentine craftsmanship for quality embroidered lingerie, silverware, exquisitely worked leather and straw hats had arrived in the United States. Fashion in Florence: Explore Florence and the international entourage that had formed around the newly born world of fashion. The fashion celebrities: View the great Italian designers who showed their collections in the Sala Bianca: Roberto Capucci, Emilio Schuberth, Sorelle Fontana and Simonetta Colonna di Cesarò.

Fashion in Florence:  © Archivio Foto LocchiX © Archivio Foto Locchi


Accademia Gallery | GIOVANNI DAL PONTE (1385-1437) | March 12

protagonist for the late Gothic Humanism

When: November 22 - March 12, 2017

Address: Via Ricasoli, 58-60, 50122 Florence

Hours: See official Website

The monographic exhibition with works from Giovanni dal Ponte (1385-1437). A Florentine artist with his own particular language for the late gothic period will feature a new canvas, the "Madonna and Child Enthroned". The work, which will be on display along with other paintings of the Tuscan painter from November 22 to the Accademia Gallery in Florence, comes from the deposits of various Museums from the Tuscan region.


Palazzo Medici Riccardi | LA BELLEZZA SALVATA | March 26

Firenze 1966-2016

When: 1 Dec - March 26, 2017

Address: Via Camillo Cavour, 3, 50129 Florence

For more Info Website

The exhibition, La Bellezza Salvata or Rescued Beauty,' is presented as an itinerary through some of the places most affected by the flood of '66 (museums, collections, libraries, archives, & places of worship), and set at Palazzo Medici Riccardi (where the Medici Museum was located in 1966 and unfortunately destroyed by the water). It features a selection of works and artifacts that combine artistry with historical features and documentaries, and highlights the need to finish restoring several pieces which still remain hidden and damaged after the flood 50 years ago.


Santo Stefano al Ponte | KLIMIT EXPERIENCE | April 2

a new interactive immersive exhibition

When: until April 2, 2017

Address: Piazza di Santo Stefano, 50122

Hours: See official Website

Klimt is an artist to be discovered and recounted. This is the aim of this exhibition project: to thrill, fascinate, and amaze visitors young and old, inviting them to become better acquainted with the man and the artist, to understand his works, and to learn to interpret his style thanks to the spectacular display of details and his pictorial technique.

Art and Fashion Exhibition in Florence for 2017


Museum Salvatore Ferragamo | ACROSS ART AND FASHION | April 7

Is fashion art?

When: until April 7, 2017

Address: Piazza Santa Trinita 5R, 50122 Florence

Hours: See official Website

The question maybe be simple but the answer is rather complex, and still yet to be explored in full. The exhibition itinerary focuses on the work of Salvatore Ferragamo, who was fascinated and inspired by the avant-garde art movements of the 20th century, on several ateliers of the Fifties and Sixties that were venues for studies and encounters, and on the advent of the culture of celebrities.

Art and Fashion Exhibition in Florence for 2017


Florence | PALMIRO MEACCI | July 7, 2017

When: July 7, 2016 - July 7, 2017

City: Florence

Where: Museo Pietro Annigoni - Villa Bardini, Costa San Giorgio 2

Program Website

personal exhibition by Pietro Annigoni

Pietro Annigoni Museum of Villa Bardini in Florence renews hosting, starting tomorrow, for a year, a group of 40 works by Annigoni belonged to Palmiro Meacham (1928 to 2014) in the exhibition Palmiro Meacham: a season with the Master. The private collection of Annigoni Secretary promoted by the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze in collaboration with the Foundation Bardini Peyron Monumental Parks.

This collection consists of about fifty paintings, drawings, engravings and blood, as well as a sculpture and a small fresco on tile. Its singularity is represented being illustrative of the entire creative process of Annigoni, from the beginnings in the '30s to the latest impromptu views performed in 1988 shortly before his death.

Meacci Exhibition in Florence


Palazzo Strozzi & Strozzina | BILL VIOLA | starts March 10th

the unchallenged master of video art

When: 10 March to 23 July 2017

Address: Piazza degli Strozzi, 50123 Florence

For more more info Website

In a totally unprecedented layout, the exhibition will also use the Renaissance context of Palazzo Strozzi to fuel an extraordinary dialogue between the classic and the contemporary through the juxtaposition of Viola’s work and masterpieces by great artists of the past that have served as sources of inspiration for this American artist and marked the development of his style. FYI for those traveling all over Tuscany, the exhibition will extend to sites such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Santa Maria Novella Church Museum in Florence and the St. Andrea Church Museum in Empoli, where the artist’s work will be on display, further illustrating his rapport with the history and art of Tuscany.

Exhibits in Florence for 2017

Author: Donna Scharnagl

It has been over 24 years since I took my first steps in Italy and I still haven’t found a good reason to leave.  Between the food, the culture, the history, the art, the landscapes … did I mention the food? I have become a lifelong student. And I soon learned that Italians all have stories that long to be told; stories that paint a picture of how hard work produces character, how life is made of ups and downs and how good it feels to laugh.


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