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What's happening in Florence in February?

February sparkles like a Carnevale party and the events and activities featured this month in the city of Florence, Italy and the surrounding province are full of color and playfulness. February in fact is preparing to welcome parades of allegorical floats across all of in Tuscany, not just Florence.

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Carnival and St. Valentine's Day

Florence and many of the surrounding towns will draw hundreds of people dressed up in original costumes inspired by everything that stimulates one's fantasy and creativity. Doesn't everyone want to join in for some dancing to the Carnival's festive rhythm?

February is perhaps even more popular for romance and St. Valentine's Day, the holiday for lovers. It's not by chance that Florence and Tuscany are commonly considered to be some of the most romantic places in the world, whose breathtaking panoramas and suggestive landscapes have inspired romantic love and eternal promises since the beginning of time.

Events in Florence Italy for the month of February 2020

Check out our list of events below to see if you can surprise your partner and capture her (or his) eternal love with an event right here in Florence. Then maybe a walk after dinner, a bottle of wine and two glasses while you stroll along the Lungarni before stopping and taking a seat on Ponte Vecchio and enjoying the unique views on the city - priceless!

Here are additional suggestions for a romantic vacation in Florence.

Author's Note: This article was last updated on January 31, 2020, to make sure we’re giving you up-to-date info, if the dates have not yet been announced then we indicate TBA (to be announced). If they have not yet been posted keep checking in with us...or better yet, write us on the Forum

State Museums in Florence | FREE ENTRANCE | first Sunday in February

It is a standing appointment the first Sunday of every month, free entrance into some of our favorite Florentine museums. Check our calendar to see if you can find a new place to discover and explore.

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Palazzo Vecchio | CAMBIA DELLA GUARDIA | 1° Sunday of the month

history repeats itself in the city center

Starting with a historical pageant, that will include the blare of trumpets, the roll of drums and the steady procession of Florentines in the dress from the mid-1500s, the Fante del Palazzo (Guards of the Palazzo Vecchio) will reenact events that took place almost 500 years ago during the Battle of the Siege. Times are in the morning: 9:00 am, 10:00 am, 11:00 am, 12:00 noon, 1:00 pm

Read our blog post for dates and times for the Changing of the Guards

Scarperia | COLLEZIONISTI IN PIAZZA | 1st Sunday of February

Antiques in the Square

Actually, the first Sunday of month heralds this event in Scarperia. Just imagine a stroll through this picturesque town center to find a wide range of goodies including vintage, antiques, clothing, and more, Stands are set up from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Panzano in Chianti | APRILANTE | 1st Sunday in February

Handcrafts & Vintage

We know they call the fair "April"ante, but it really goes all year round! This monthly market in the streets of this charming town in Chianti is where you will find hand crafts, vintage and delicious typical foods and all of it is just outside in the countryside surrounding Florence.

Official link

Fortezza da Basso | ANTIQUES FAIR | 3° weekend of February

Looking for something special is a recurrent date

An unmissable occasion for grabbing unique and even prestigious antique pieces.

Events in Florence Italy for the month of February 2020

Greve in Chianti | IL PAGLIAIO | Every 4th Sunday of February

Organic and Artisan Market

Piazza Matteotti is filled with locals who feature goods from their gardens, their kitchens, and their workshops. Often you will find not only great bargains but music and opportunities to do some taste testing.

Facebook Page

Largo Pietro Annigoni | FLEA MARKET | 4° Sunday of February

Traditional vintage festival

Here you can grab a cappuccino at a nearby bar and then search the stands for the best ever surprise in vintage books, art, glassware and more.

Calcio Storico in February

Santa Croce | PARTITA DELL'ASSEDIO | Feb 17

Calcio Storico, and the rallying of the troops

Once again you have the opportunity to witness a historic pageant, that will include a steady procession of Florentines in the dress from the mid-1500s. This rough and rugged game, traditionally played between the Bianchi and the Verdi, was a valiant attempt to keep spirits high during the siege of 1529 when Charles V surrounded the city walls. Normally, you can only see the game Calcio Storico in June so if you are here in February, do miss this thrilling opportunity

Facebook page with more details

City Museums in Florence | ELECTRESS PALATINE | Feb 18

the anniversary of the death of Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici

Thanks to the untiring efforts of the Electress Palatine, there was the drafting of a legal act which stipulated after the death of the last heir to the State of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the whole complex of assets which made up the Medici collection accumulated over the centuries would be donated to the City of Florence. The government now commemorates the anniversary with free admission to local CITY museums for the full day, as well as guided tours and free entrance to the Medici Chapel. There is a historical parade through the streets, which will bring a tribute of flowers to the grave of Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, located at the Medici Chapels.

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More Information about the events for Electress Palatine

Italy | GIOVEDI GRASSO | Feb 20, 2020

The last Thursday before Lent

Be prepared for an explosion of color, parties, and celebrations for Fat Thursday and be on the lookout for crispy fried pastries that are abundant during the Carnival holidays.

Florence & Tuscany | ARRIVANO I SALDI | Jan 5 - Mar 5

I don't like sales. Said no one. Ever.

After having had time to hit the museums and monuments, what can be better than coming to Florence during the winter sales? Starting on the 5th of January prices will be slashed not only at the outlets but even the great fashion designer stores and small boutiques. Dust off that credit card and explore.

Fortezza da Basso | DANZA IN FIERA | Feb 20 - 23, 2020

the international dance guru

There is no doubt about it, DanzainFiera is the largest manifestation in the world dedicated to dance. Florence and its historic Fortezza da Basso will be the heart of this meeting as it becomes the dancing capital for four beautiful days.

Official Website

Opera del Duomo | NOTE AL MUSEO | Feb 20, 2020

music in the museums at night

Combine this lovely setting with the magical musical notes of "Tre secoli di musica in sei corde". What a special setting for the sounds of Eugenio Della Chiara, on the guitar with the music di Haydn, Mozart, Paganini, Schubert, Tárrega, Castelnuovo Tedesco

Official Program

February 2020: Events & Activities in Florence

Stadio Franchi | ACF FIORENTINA SOCCER | Feb. 2, 8 & 22, 2020

Forza Viola

You can’t find another team with more heart than the Fiorentina! For those passionate about soccer, join those passionate about the Florence team: ACF Fiorentina. The first game of the month is an away game - but you can be certain many sports bars will have their TVs set to the historical rival game - one that is felt on every level for the Viola Fans. The two home games are very important and feature Atalanta and Milan.

Official Team Site

Leopolda | CHIANTI CLASSICO | Feb 17 - 18, 2020

Florence will hold one of the largest tasting events for Chianti Classico. The latest vintages of Chianti Classico in its Vintage, Reserve, and Grand Selection typologies are previewed at the Leopolda station with more than 190 producers present. The Chianti Classico DOP Oil harvested in 2018 will also be presented.


Events in Florence Italy for the month of February 2020

Florence, Fortezza da Basso | CHIANTI LOVERS | Feb 16, 2020

masterpiece of flavors & sites

For the occasion, the exhibition space becomes the "temple" of wine, with the presentation and tasting of the new Chianti D.O.C.G. and Riserva to be released in 2020. Starting from 4 pm, Chianti Lovers will be open to the public of wine enthusiasts.

Florence, Fortezza da Basso | ViNoi Wine | Feb 23 & 24, 2020

Creative, by nature!

5th Edition of the ViNoi Independent Salon. Craft, Biological, Biodynamic, Natural. This will be a mouthful in more ways than one. Keep an eye on their FB page for more delicious details.

FaceBook Page

Obihall | FIRENZE WINTER PARK | open until 23 Feb

Large ice skating rink & artificial snow slopes

Located in the heart of Florence, you have the opportunity to ski and skate! Not only sports but there are stands with hot chocolate, delicious recipes from the nearby mountains and games for the kids.

See Full Program

Relais Santa Croce | I CONCERT APERITIVI | February 9, 15 & 23 and March 1, 2020

a delight for the senses

Sundays dedicated to chamber music are back in a unique setting: the Music Room of the Hotel Relais Santa Croce, a stone's throw from the Verdi Theater (in via Ghibellina, 87). The suggestive Sala della Musica is confirmed as a prestigious setting for private musical events. Located on the noble floor of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Jacometti Ciofi expertly restored, in the historic center of Florence, it is a majestic and suggestive party room, which can receive up to 120 spectators.
The concerts are set at 11.00, and an aperitif will follow. € 10.00 entrance.

Official Site

Teatro Verde | CONCERTI DI TUTTI TIPI | All February

All types of music for a romantic February

Between classics and romantics, you can listen as they paint a picture with their musical notes in this amazing theater. Select concerts, opera or even variety shows from the program in one of the beautiful historical theaters of Florence, now this says romance”

Official Site

February 2020: Events & Activities in Florence

Author: Donna Scharnagl

It has been more than 25 years since I took my first steps in Italy and I still haven’t found a good reason to leave.  Between the food, the culture, the history, the art, the landscapes … did I mention the food? I have become a lifelong student. It didn't take long to learn that Italians all have stories that long to be told; stories that paint a picture of how hard work produces character, how life is made of ups and downs and how good it feels to laugh.


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