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State Museums in Florence: Museums run by the Italian State

There are many museums in Florence beyond the Uffizi and Accademia Galleries. Museums in Florence are can be divided into 3 types: those run by the Italian national government, which are called State museums, those run by the city which fall under the Florentine Civic Museums office (see the list of those here) or private (such as the Palazzo Strozzi, the Horne museum, the Stibbert Museum).

In order to help you sort out which are which, I've created a list below of the STATE MUSEUMS. This is particularly important when special openings occur or when free entry is offered into State museums only (which will not include the Civic museums). For this reason, it is always handy to understand which are which.

** ALL OF THE STATE MUSEUMS below offer FREE entrance to everyone on the FIRST SUNDAY of every month between October and March!! This is a new change to policy from February 28, 2019, read our blog post to see what else has changed as far as free museum days go for State museums. City museums do something similar, but ONLY for local residents. **

To further complicate some matters, since summer 2014 the state museums in Florence have been split up into 4 independent entities that control the museums under each, thus creating their own policies separate from national policies. You can see this with the new policy in 2019 with each entity creating their own separate calendars for free museums days throughout the year. Check out the blog post above since it has information on the new free museum days for 2019.

The Museums

The Villas

These are also museums run by the Italian State, but I'm separating them out because they often have hours that change and apply only to them. They are often called the "Medici Villas".

The Last Suppers and Cloisters

These are smaller State-run museums in Florence that pertain to a small area within cloisters/churches and are all free entrance.

Temporarily closed:

  • The Carriage Museum (Pitti Palace)
  • The Vasari Corridor (Uffizi Gallery) - closed for restoration as of November 2016 until further notice.

Author: Lourdes Flores

I'm from California but have called Florence my home for over a decade. I love to explore Italy; it is a lot of fun to try to see everything like I'm seeing it for the first time, keeping you, our readers, always in mind. I enjoy sharing what I know and helping others as they make their travel plans for Tuscany through our Forum. If you have itinerary-related questions, please post them there!


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