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Itineraries in Florence

Florence is one of the few cities around the world whose entire historical center is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The reason is because it offers hundreds, maybe thousands, of things to see and to do.

In order to make planning your visit to Florence easier, we suggest you possible itineraries in and around Florence. Both if you are staying 2 days and a month we try to give you advices and ideas to organize your holiday in Florence.

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The Best 8 Day Trips from Florence

Discover the best of Tuscany’s day trips and how best to arrive. Read about the best way to organize your transportation and which kind to choose when planning your days in Tuscany!

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Leonardo da Vinci in Florence: Highlights of the Genius in the City

For the 500th anniversary after his death, our itinerary highlights the places in Florence where traces of the master artist, inventor & strategist can still be found. Explore with us the life of this Tuscan genius!

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An Itinerary for Walking the Walls of Florence

Your intro to the antique city walls of Florence! Walk the walls for a unique opportunity to explore one of the first set of borders while learning about Florence’s intriguing history and engaging architecture.

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Last Suppers in Florence

Far from most of the crowds Florence, there is a fascinating (and free) journey you can follow which will give you a special insight to its artistic beauty: tracking "Last Suppers".  Join us, as we give you an idea of what inspired Leonardo da Vinci's more famous scene in Milan.

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Three Self-Guided Walking Itineraries in Florence

Florence is best seen on foot and these three different itineraries take you through its winding streets to discover the main attractions in the city of the Renaissance. Along the way, stop at some of our recommendations for a gelato, a short detour, lunch and more.

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The Best of Florence in 2 Days

Florence offers many things to do and see! But if your time is limited, here are our suggestions for what you can see and do in 2 days, visiting the top sights in this beautiful Renaissance city.

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Following Michelangelo's Footsteps

Curious to know more about the man who was almost entirely responsible for changing the world's idea of beauty?  Then follow this exciting itinerary between the museums and churches of Florence where you can find Michelangelo and some of his most famous pieces of artwork.

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Pools in Florence for Cooling Down in Summer

The summer in Florence could be very warm, so allow yourself a dive into fresh water in one of the pools of Florence open to the public. You don’t need to take the car and drive for miles, close at hand you’ll find these three beautiful pools!

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Itinerary for 3 days in Florence

Have only 3 days in Florence? If you want to make the most of those 72 hours in Florence, follow our suggested itinerary!

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A visit of Florence tracing Dan Brown's Inferno

Dan Brown's latest bestseller, "Inferno", brings Professor Langdon to Florence and, in a mad dash across the city, visits some of the top monuments in the city. Our itinerary - with many photographs - accompanies you as you read the novel, or in preparation of a future trip, on the steps of the professor and the main sights in beautiful Florence.

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Santi Apostoli: Just Outside the Ancient Walls

While in the middle of the occassionally loud and constantly active city of Florence sometimes you just need to take a breather. Step back from the noise and frenetic hustle of modern day Italy and the tourists. Its easy to find the silence of yesteryear with only a few short steps to the right.

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Following the Medici's Footsteps in 16th Century Florence

A walking itinerary through the streets, piazzas and palaces of Florence's center following the history of the Medici family in the 16th century. We highly recommend visiting the city in this order to discover it from a new point of view!

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Discover Tuscany

The exciting, artistic city of Florence is the perfect base for exploring the magical landscapes and towns of Tuscany.  Plan to add a few days to your itinerary traveling the panoramic roads of Chianti, the leaning tower of Pisa and the wines of Val d'Orcia.

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3 days in Tuscany

Looking for suggestions on what to see in Tuscany in just 3 days? Here you find suggestions on what you must see and do in Tuscany even if you have only 3 days to spend in Italy.

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Just One Weekend in Florence?

Are you planning a romantic weekend escape with your significant other? Bringing the kids to learn about art and history or interested in exploring the masterpieces of the Renaissance in jut 2 days? We have ideas for everyone to help you organize your weekend in Florence!

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Discover Chianti

Mix the best beauty of the Florence museums and its romantic setting with some leisurely days exploring the hills of Chianti, its delicious wines, stunning small towns and intriguing churchers.  Be sure to add a drive, a tour or even a week of soaking up the Chianti atmosphere.

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From Florence to Rosano on Mountain Bike

A great and detailed itinerary of about 28 miles for the mountain bike lovers to the beautiful countryside in the surroundings of Florence. A fun and unmissable challenge!

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Searching for Donatello and his Artwork in Florence

Follow along as we walk around Florence discovering the artworks by one of the most important artistic geniuses of his time, Donatello. You’ll be able to see the ancient techniques and images which later influenced the work of Michelangelo and the Renaissance as a whole.

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Florence for Free

You don't necessarily need to spend lots of money to explore and enjoy Florence. Here are our top suggestions on things to do for free in the city of the Renaissance.

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Join an exclusive tour of Florence's cathedral

Be sure to see it all! This private tour with an exclusive visit to the Rooftop Terraces of the Duomo in Florence is perfect. With this tour you can skip-the-line with your personal guide into the cathedral and to the terraces, then climb the rest of the way to visit the cupola, then the Bell Tower, Baptistery & Duomo Museum on your own.

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Explore 15th century wooden sculpture in Florence

Follow our itinerary to discover Florence through a unique itinerary: search for and admire the wooden sculpture from 15th century Florence created by great artists such as Donatello, Michelangelo and Brunelleschi.

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Dante Alighieri: Was Beatrice True Love or a Divine Muse?

Looking for romantic inspiration? Why not rely on Dante, il Somma Poeta, whose love story has stirred many a heart. Native to the city of Florence & famous poet, follow his footsteps on our itinerary to find true love or just inspiration for what moves you.

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Florence in just 24 Hours

If you only have a day in Florence, or even less, here are our suggestions of the absolute must-see places you have to visit!

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An Alternative to the Historic Center: the

Were you dreaming of finding a piece of the "real" Florence, coffee bars, wine shops, restaurants & picturesque views? Then you are looking for the Diladdarno or the Oltrarno. Here is a lovely walking itinerary through some of the more "authentic" areas of Florence.

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