Calcio Storico tickets will be sold June 19

Tickets for the final match of Calcio Storico Fiorentino Azzurri vs Rossi which will be played on June 24th, on the feast day for the patron saint of the city, St. John the Baptist, have just been announced.

Starting at 10am on June 19th, you can buy tickets IN PERSON ONLY but you have to go earlier, starting at 8am, to get a queue ticket! One number per person, which allows the purchase of up to 4 tickets.

Location is BoxOffice headquarters on Via delle Vecchie Carceri, 1.

Payment by credit card or ATM only (no cash or American Express cards accepted).

Only if tickets are not all sold out, then on Tuesday, June 20 starting at 9am, tickets will be sold online on and will continue in person.

Cost per ticket: 50€ Tribune “C” (tribune under the sun) – 29 € Curve “colori” (B and D on image below).

Ticket seats are not assigned, nor are they for a specific person. Kids under 6 can enter for free, with no ticket. Spots are available for disabled persons, but those need to be requested ahead of time by email to BoxOffice Toscana.

The game will start at 7pm, for more details check out our page on the Calcio Storico Fiorentino here:

Live Streaming on DAZN

If you’re not in Florence, you can still watch the final game live streaming on the DAZN network. Here is the link for the final match on June 24: