Easter 2019 in Florence

Wondering what to do this weekend in Florence?

The weather forecast is fairly decent, with sun as well as a few showers. Perfect for spending time indoors at a museum and outdoors at a garden or simply strolling around exploring the city. Let’s not forget the big event, whether there is rain or sun: the “Explosion of the Cart” (or Scoppio del Carro), which takes place on Easter Sunday, from about 10am, in Piazza del Duomo.

Here are some museum hours for those that will be open:

Palazzo Vecchio and Arnolfo Tower – the museum will be open on Sunday and Monday from 9 am to 11 pm; the tower from 9 am to 9 pm (closed in case of rain)

Museo Novecento – open on Easter Sunday and Monday from 11am to 8pm

Santa Maria Novella Complex – open on Sunday from 1pm to 5:30pm and Monday from 9am to 7pm

Bardini Museum – closed on Sunday, open on Easter Monda from 11am to 5pm

Brancacci Chapel – closed on Sunday, open on Easter Monday from 1pm to 5pm, free booking required by calling 055 2768224

Fondazione Salvatore Romano – closed on Sunday, open on Easter Monday from 1pm to 5pm

Accademia Gallery – open on Easter Sunday and special opening on Easter Monday, open both days from 8:15am to 6:50pm

Palazzo Strozzi – open over the entire Easter weekend, 10am-8pm, where you can visit the current exhibit dedicated to Verrocchio, Leonardo da Vinci’s master.

Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens – open on Easter Sunday.

Uffizi Gallery – on Easter Monday, open from 8:15am to 6:50pm.

Boboli Gardens – open from 8:15am to 6:30pm. Last entrance an hour before closing time.

National Museum of the Bargello – open both Easter Sunday and Monday from 8:15am alle 5pm

Medici Chapels – open from 8:15am to 2pm on Easter Sunday, with special opening on Easter Monday from 8:15am to 6pm

Palazzo Davanzati – open on Sunday afternoon from 1:15pm to 7pm and on Monday from 8:15am to 2pm

Museum of the Casa Martelli – open Easter Sunday from 9am to 2pm

Orsanmichele Church and Museum – the Church is always open from 10am to 5pm while the Museum, on the second and third floor of the building, is open with free admission on Easter Monday from 10am to 4:50pm.

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