Live Music at the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence

After so many months of no live or in person events being held here in Florence, it gives us great pleasure to start sharing those that are being planned as we make our return to a life as close as possible to pre-Covid times. In particular, today we’re looking at the live music events planned for the rest of this month at the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence.

On April 22, a mix of rock, reggae and homage with Cris Pinzauti

This Friday, April 22 are 9.30pm Cris Pinzauti returns to the Hard Rock Cafe with his latest work, “Moonotica“. After his debut album in 2015 with “Black“, this new work is a mix of rock, reggae, songwriting and homages to important singers can be found online in two versions, one in Italian and the other in English.

He won’t be the only one of the stage this Friday, where he will be joined by a very special band composed of excellent Florentine musical talents:

  • on the guitar, Giuseppe Scarpato, producer for Edoardo Bennato, and Matteo Montuschi from the Anihma band
  • on the battery, Dado Pecchioli (since 2010 he’s been with Alessandra Amoroso), Federico Sagona (who has worked for many years with Litfiba, Piero Pelù and Paolo Vallesi)
  • vocalist Eleonora Comemipare from the blues band Jack & The Delivery Men and Cris’s own brother, Marzio Pinzauti, co-founder of the Suzy Q band.

During the evening there will be songs from the new album as well as from the old, as well as the grand finale with a special performance between the seven musicians on stage.

To best enjoy the evening which is a part of the “Come for the burger, stay for the music” program, you will find the many menu classics from the Hard Rock Cafe along with the special hamburger created by Lionel Messi, the soccer legend who is brand ambassador for Hard Rock International with the “LIVE GREATNESS” campaign launched to celebrate the brand’s 50th year anniversary.

You can book online on or by calling 055 277841.

Tribute to Vasco Rossi on April 29 with Dinner + Concert

This year Italian rock star Vasco Rossi celebrated his 70th birthday, so it comes naturally that the Cafe is hosting a tribute to the singer with an evening with dinner and a concert.

On April 29th, you can enjoy Rossi’s music with the tribute band ‘La Combriccola del Blasco’, a band born in 1990 which has gone down in the annals of Italian tribute bands having registered its brand internationally. The wonderful evening of live music will have many of the greatest Vasco Rossi songs with Adamo Adams Paoletti as the solist, Vincenzo Lo Monaco on keyboard and Alessio Pierini on the guitar.

The evening offers a Special VIP package Dinner & Concert at fixed price 30/35 euro with dinner seating at 8pm, 8.30pm and 9pm.

To attend, you need to to book online at the following link:

The live music events at the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence are organized respecting the current security rules as regards Covid-19 containment.