Towers, doors and fortresses reopen for summer 2022 visits

This June 24th, day that Florence celebrates its patron saint, the Tower of San Niccolò reopens to visits (everyday until September 30th). Then it will be the turn of Forte Belvedere, the Tower della Zecca, Porta Romana, the Bastione di San Giorgio and Fortezza da Basso.

Towers, doors and fortresses: from June 24th, on occasion of the city’s celebration of its patron saint, St. John the Baptist, the Tower of San Niccolò reopens to the public, considered the queen tower among the still-standing Florentine towers. That’s not all: other city fortifications will also be open to the public, from the Forte Belvedere (starting from June 19) to the Bulwark of San Giorgio (from June 25), to Porta Romana (from July 2) to the Fortezza da Basso (from July 7) and the Tower della Zecca (from July 9).

The summer program is intended to create a better understanding of the history and importance of the city’s defensive system, for locals and visitors alike, and the plus is that it will also offer incredible views over the entire city of Florence.

The Tower of San Niccolò

The San Niccolò Tower will be open for visits every day until August 31st from 5pm to 8pm (and from September 1st to the 30th from 4pm to 7pm) with visits every 30 minutes. Last entrance is half an hour before closing. Access includes a guided visit, starting from the foot of the tower and a climb to the top that makes you journey back in time, arriving to enjoy one of the best views of the city. It’s a climb that gives you a privileged view on to the city below, particularly on the Rampe del Poggi. Built between 1872 and 1876 as part of the enlargement project of the city limits, the ramps were built by Poggi to bring glory to Florence, capital of Italy at the time. The tower and door remains as witness of where the old city walls were before they were destroyed.

San Niccolò Tower – visits every 30 minutes
Every day from June 24 to August 31 5-8pm, from September 1-30 7-7pm

Torre della Zecca, Porta Romana, Bastione di San Giorgio & Forte Belvedere

The reopening of the Tower of San Niccolò is just the first of the remaining summer openings planned for the other towers, doors and fortresses in Florence. The project aims to highlight the still-standing structures of the ancient defensive system of the city that with visits every Saturday, alternating between the Torre della Zecca (above), Porta Romana and the Baluardo di San Giorgio.

Photo credit: Terrill Welch, from Creative Potager

Baluardo San Giorgio * – visits every 30 minutes
June 25 5-8pm
July 16 5-8pm
August 6 5-8pm
August 27 5-8pm
September 17 4-7pm

Porta Romana * – visits every 30 minutes
July 2 5-8pm
July 23 5-8pm
August 13 5-8pm
September 3 4-7pm
September24 4-7pm

Torre Zecca * – visits every 30 minutes
July 9 5-8pm
July 30 5-8pm
August 20 5-8pm
September 10 4-7pm
October 1 4-7pm

The Fortress of San Giorgio, better known as the Forte Belvedere, will also open to visits from June 18 to October 1 with two temporary exhibitions: Play It Again by Rä di Martino and FOTOGRAFE!, with a guided visit to the fortress (including the room of treasures) and to the two exhibitions every Friday and Sunday between June and October.

Forte Belvedere **
Every Friday and Sunday at 5pm and 6:30pm (at 4pm and 5:30pm from September 1)

The Fortezza da Basso

Most people only get inside the Fortezza da Basso for a special fair as it is the site where Firenze Fiera organizes trade fairs and the like. In collaboration with them, the fortress will be open with a special guided visit on three dates: July 7 and 28 and September 8. The guided visit will allow visitors to explore and discover the secrets of the pentagonal work by architect Antonio da Sangallo.

Fortezza da Basso – visits every hour
July 7 and 28 and September 8 between 5 and 8pm

This is your chance to explore and to discover the history of these monuments, their characteristics and functions from medieval times to today. It will be like traveling back in time, a unique and fascinating voyage while getting to enjoy the incredible views over Florence.

Cost & Bookings

The cost of these visits is €6 per person, except for Forte Belvedere. Payment must be done in cash on the day of the visit.

All locals who have the “Card del Fiorentino” can participate in the visits for free.

The guided visit to the Forte Belvedere is €5.00 per person (for non-residents of Florence) while it is €2,50 for residents in ADDITION to the cost to visit the temporary exhibits. Tickets to visit the exhibits and the palazzina are € 10.00 full price and € 5.00 reduced. If you only want to visit the outdoor bastions of the Forte Belvedere entrance is free.

All guided visits require booking. For more information and to book, you can call Tel. 055/2768224 or email

NOTE: entrance into the towers is allowed only for visitors older than 8 years old. Kids between 8 and 18 have free visits. Visits will be conducted in small groups, following Covid safety protocols. The planned visits can be canceled in case of rain, all towers and fortresses are unfortunately not accessible to disabled visitors.

* The first visit of every Saturday from June 25 to October 1 (at 5pm between June and August, at 4pm in September and October) is free for those that are Unicoop Firenze members with the 2X1 formula.

** Free guided visits to the Forte Belvedere for Unicoop Firenze members with 2×1 formula on specific dates: at 5pm on Sundays June 19 and 26, July 10-17-24-31, August 14-21-29, September 11-18-25.