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Ready to become a little bit Italian?

When traveling in Italy, it helps to be open-minded and willing to accept cultural differences. You may not find "all the comforts of home" that you're used to, and that should be okay when you travel, right? Traveling abroad and seeing cultural differences in how others live is part of the richness that the experience of travel offers. Consider that at the same time, you'll likely find some things you might actually not have at home!

Some quirks and differences

Some visitors can't understand why the majority of small grocery shops close during the afternoon. Or why matches are sold only in the tabacco stores. But most soon learn to enjoy the subtle differences in life-style and the Italian ability to relish and nurture "la dolce vita", to slow down just a mite and enjoy life's pleasures. These guests are the ones who benefit the most from visiting Florence and Tuscany; these are the ones whose lives are most enriched from the experience. Are you ready to enjoy "la dolce vita"? How about an apartment with a view like the one below?

Immerse yourself in Italy

If you have the time, we always suggest spending more than a few days in each spot in Italy. If you have a few weeks, why not settle in and become a part of local life? If you're already planning a stay of a few weeks or even months, then we recommend the services of the agency Pitcher & Flaccomio to help you find the perfect place for you. Ready to adopt the Italian approach to life? You will be a happy, satisfied traveler when you find the place made for you!

Through years of experience, Pitcher & Flaccomio has developed a special knack for matching clients and accommodation. They have a good idea of what you are looking for, of what "works" and what doesn't. Though property owners are always searching for excellent renters, the long experience of Pitcher & Flaccomio allows them to quickly weed out properties that do not meet their and your standards of upkeep, uniqueness and comfort. Property owners are told what amenities their guests expect and require. In other words, in every way possible, the agency stands behind the properties they represent.

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Florence Apartment Rentals

Our recommendation when planning to be a long time visitor

We cannot stress enough the great benefit of sending at least one of your family members to Tuscany prior to making your final decision if you're coming for a long stay or for a special event (such as a family reunion or wedding). Personal inspection of each apartment or villa, with their individual idiosyncrasies, can make an enormous difference in the outcome of your stay. An example of what might be discovered on such a trip is that the logistics of moving a large group of people (say, a family reunion week abroad) back and forth from a remote country location might be less preferable than booking a Florence city location where everyone could gather in the evenings but go their separate ways during the day without having to coordinate cars.

Many of the long term rental clients that Pitcher and Flaccomio welcomes come to Florence for a year or more, so it is especially important that you find a place you will find comfortable for your entire time in Tuscany. Whether dealing with a short-term rental or any long-term contract (three months or more), arranging a preliminary visit is money very well spent.

What type of lodging is perfect for you?

Pitcher & Flaccomio have an extensive variety of properties in Tuscany and Umbria and a selection in Positano, Venice and Rome. Properties in Florence range from studios and one to four bedroom apartments (many in historical buildings) to in-town mansions. Their listings include villas, farmhouses, castles and towers in the hills on the outskirts of Florence, in the Tuscan countryside and other regions. You can choose the accommodation that suits you best - some with swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, vineyard and extensive landscaped gardens. Most are available for short or long-term rent.

Don't forget however....

Please remember Florence is a living city. Certain circumstances are beyond anybody's control. Traffic patterns may change making a quiet street busier while you're here while works take place... a neighbor can choose to renovate, again creating unexpected noise. Once peaceful piazzas can be turned into summer concert halls.

So that you will come prepared, please note that mosquito screens are not common in Italy. Also, apartment rentals are not generally stocked with necessities, except for enough to last the first few days. After this, you will have to provide items like toilet paper, hand soap, etc for yourself, immersing yourself in local shops and life.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE that according to Italian law, heating (which may be condominial or autonomous) can only be used from November 1 to April 15. It cannot be turned on earlier, nor kept on any later. Heating may be on for a maximum of 12 hours per day. Only electric heaters or wood fires are exempt from this law. So come prepared with the right items of clothing if you come in the late fall and winter, but also a bit of shopping in Florence will be a nice side benefit if you forget something! ;-)

Ready to start planning your stay in Florence? Then head on to Pitcher and Flaccomio's website to check out the rental properties they have that will transform Florence into your new temporary home!

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