Celebrate Founder’s Day at the Hard Rock Cafe

June is a busy and special month for the Hard Rock Cafe. On Tuesday June 14, the Hard Rock Cafe celebrates it’s Founder’s Day! The year long celebrations of the worldwide Cafe’s 50 years end, while the Florence Cafe celebrates its 11th year. Why not join in on the celebrations?

The Hard Rock Cafe Florence has live music planned, with a jam session starting at 9.30pm with Giuseppe Scarpato at the helm of the Hillside Power trio with Gennaro Scarpato and Marco Polidori. Throughout the evening, guests will take turns on the stage, including Iacopo Meille, Cris Pinzauti and Riccardo Onori.

All day guests who book a table ahead of time will receive a free Coke Float! Go here to book your table.

Playing for Change

Another interesting day to highlight takes place on June 24, when Florence celebrates its patron saint, St. John the Baptist. The Hard Rock Cafe Florence is one of 20 selected worldwide to host one of 50 live music concerts in support and in collaboration with Playing for Change whose mission to connect the world through music leads it to support aspiring artists worldwide.

On this special occasion, Giuseppe Scarpato together with the HILLSIDE POWER TRIO with Gennaro Scarpato and Marco Polidori will once again return to perform onstage at the Hard Rock Cafe Florence to entertain the public and raise funds to support the Playing for Change Foundation. The evening of live music starts at 9.30pm on June 24th. Book your table here.