This Halloween, Who you Gonna Call?

Ready for a fun and scary Halloween eve? Then how about going to a “Ghostbusters” party? That’s the theme for this year’s Hard Rock Cafe Halloween Party, guaranteed to be lots of fun!

Starting at 7.30pm, you can step into a ghost-infested Cafe and become a GhostBuster, with Squadra 17, a local ghost-busting team with original instruments that search and capture ghosts and I Love Ghostbusters.

A delicious, special menu gets your belly full before live music starts at 10pm by the Tekkaband, the Rock Cartoon Show: the first at 7.30pm and the second turn at 9.30pm. A taste of what’s waiting for you? You can choose among Egon’s Club Sandwich, the Gatekeeper’s BBQ-Bacon cheeseburger, the Protonic Burger and many other choices prepared fresh by Hard Rock Cafe Florence’s chef.

Reservations are required, so who are you gonna call?

The number is 055 277 841 but you can also email or book online here (where you can see full menu options).

The staff will be all dressed up and prepared to help make your Halloween night fun… and SCARY!

Last year’s Halloween Party theme was “Freaky Circus”, and it really was freaky!!