Paying homage to the last Medici

This Saturday, February 18, the city of Florence celebrates the anniversary of the death of the last of the Medici, Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici, the Electress Palatine. On her death, Anna Maria bequeathed all of the Medici family’s artworks, jewels and more to the city of Florence – with the condition that it all stay here. The “Patto di famiglia”, as the legal document is called, is truly what has ensured that so many of the treasures in Florence remain in the city through the centuries.

Visit the Medici Chapels

To celebrate her magnificent contributions to Florence, the Medici Chapels will have free entrance this Saturday, February 18. The museum, which houses the remains of Anna Maria and the many illustrious members of the Medici dynasty, will be open from 8.15am to 1.50pm.

Meet the Electress Palatine

Also on Saturday, if you visit the Pitti Palace you will have a chance to meet an actress playing the Electress Palatine in what was the last home of the Medici clan. Within the Palatine Gallery, and more specifically the Sala di Bona, which were the apartments in which she lived in as a young girl and upon her return from Germany, the public can meet and discuss her story and thoughts.

The meetings with the public will take place at 3pm, 4pm and 5pm and are free – but you do need to book a spot by calling 055-276-8224 or 055-276-8558. Entrance to the Palatine Gallery still needs to be paid.

Visit more civic museums for free on February 18

Since the city pays homage to Anna Maria on this day, you can also visit the other Civic Museums for free. These are their hours:

– Palazzo Vecchio 9.00-19.00 – Tower 10.00-17.00
– Museo Novecento 11.00-19.00
– Santa Maria Novella 9.00-17.30
– Cappella Brancacci 10.00-17.00
– Fondazione Salvatore Romano 10.00-17.00
– Museo del Bigallo 10.30-16.30
– Museo del Ciclismo 10.00-13.00
– Museo Stefano Bardini 11.00-17.00