Thanksgiving in Florence 2021

If you can’t or don’t want to cook this upcoming Thanksgiving, don’t worry! Lots of locals as well as current visitors look for something special to do this coming up Thanksgiving by eating out, especially to spend time together and be grateful for all the people we love and have in our lives. We’ve done a round-up of special events taking place for this Thursday, make sure to decide where to head to and book as soon as you can!

Hard Rock Cafe – lunch or dinner Nov 25-28th

The Hard Rock Cafe is generally the one we head to with the little kids, as it has space and music which allows us to relax and not be worried about our kids bothering others. Their Thanksgiving menu includes slow-roasted turkey breast, roasted fresh vegetables, classic stuffing, creamy sweet potato mash, cranberry sauce and gravy. End your meal with a delicious slice of classic pumpkin pie topped with caramel sauce and house-made whipped cream. The menu has a set cost of €24.95 and is offered from the 25th of November through the 28th, at either lunch or dinner. Gives you lots of choice to make sure you can fit in the celebration into your itinerary or days. We particularly like that there is a kids menu since mine would not eat everything! You can book by calling 055 277841 or online through this form.

Harry’s Bar – dinner Nov 25th

This special Thanksgiving menu is a mix of American classics with local ingredients, including chestnuts, polenta and a citrus cheesecake alongside stuffed turkey with cranberry sauce. €55 per person, drinks excluded. Book by calling 0552771704 or by email:

Ristorante Accademia – Thursday and Friday Nov 25th and 26th

The Accademia restaurant is in its 21st edition of offering Thanksgiving celebrations to locals. Located on Piazza San Marco 7, you can decide whether Thursday or Friday works better for you as they will be serving dinner on both days. The traditional menu is set at € 38 per person (drinks excluded). Book by calling 055 217343 or email:

Acqua al 2 – dinner Nov 25th

The set menu at €35 (drinks excluded) does include pumpkin soup along with your roast turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. Side include green beans, Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and roasted sweet potatoes. Definitely book ahead as space is quite limited. Book by calling 055 284170.

Villa San Michele, a Belmond Hotel – lunch Nov 25th

The Villa San Michele hotel in Fiesole offers a special Thanksgiving lunch at 1pm with a view over Florence. You can check out the event on their Facebook page . The menu is €70 per person, not including drinks, but does include roast turkey, sprouts, blueberry sauce, pumpkin pie, apple pie, caramel sauce. You can book by email at or at call 055 5678 200.

Maleleuca – lunch and dinner Nov 25th

Maleleuca has something to either provide a full feast, just a pie or even a little help to round out your home meal. You can book for Thanksgiving lunch or dinner or just pre-order some pies or pumpkin bread or even cinnamon rolls to take home! Book by calling 0556146894 between 8am and 4pm.