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Getting around on two wheels

Getting around on two wheels

Moving around Florence on a bike can be an adventure! There are many Florentines (including me!) who use bikes as their sole means of transportation, so you would not be alone. However, you do have to be very careful as it's the motorists that can cause problems, near misses or accidents as they try to pass around you or cut you off to make a right turn right in front of you! It has happened to us countless of time that is why we warn about these specific behaviors.

If you will be in the historical center of Florence, getting around by bicycle is very practical as many areas are closed off to motor traffic. As long as you're willing to take the challenge of sharing the road with cars, scooters and pedestrians, then you should rent a bike while you are in Florence and have fun!

There aren't any bike paths within the historical center, you'll have to go along the main streets along with everyone else. However, if you intend to move outside of the center, it would be convenient for you to first check out the map of the bike paths from the Florence's city council website.

"Mille e una bici" Bike Rentals

"Mille e una bici" is a program run by the Florence City Council to encourage the use of bicycles in Florence. For details, visit the dedicated page on the Council's website. Details are only in Italian but the cost and locations are pretty clear to understand.

Bikes can be hired at the following points:

Central railway station (Firenze SMN)
Summer opening hours: Monday-Saturday 7.30-19; Sunday 9-19
Winter opening hours: Monday-Saturday 7.30-19

Parterre and Piazza Tasso
Summer opening hours: Monday-Saturday 8-20
Winter opening hours: Monday-Saturday 8-18

Piazza V. Veneto
Summer opening hours: Monday-Saturday 8-20; Sunday 10-19
Winter opening hours: Monday-Saturday 8-18

Campo di Marte and Rifredi railway stations
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 7.30-9.30 / 17-19

Piazza Ghiberti
Summer opening hours: Monday-Saturday 8-19
Winter opening hours: Monday-Saturday 8-18

Piazza Cestello
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8-9


Tourists: 1 hour - € 1.50; 5 hours - € 4.00; 1 day - € 8.00

Residents in Florence and province (as well as Customers of public car parks)

1 hour - € 0.50; 1 day - € 1.00; 1 month - € 15 (Monday-Friday)

Getting around by motorbike

We strongly recommend to consider renting a scooter or a motorbike only if you have prior experience! If you wish to visit the city center, we recommend a bicycle rental as Florence's city center is mainly a pedestrian area and scooters/motorbikes are not allowed.

Scooters and motorbikes are perfect for visiting the areas outside the city center and the surrounding hills in Florence. In order to rent a motorbike or scooter for a day or two, you will need to show your passport, a valid driver's license and provide a credit card. A helmet is obligatory.

Author: Discover Tuscany Team


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