Freddie for a Week 2019: Celebrate Freddie Mercury’s birthday at the Hard Rock Cafe


Discover your inner rock star as you celebrate Freddie’s 73rd birthday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence

The Hard Rock Cafes across the world have been celebrating Freddie Mercury’s birthday every year… but the celebration “Freddie for a Day” this year has become “Freddie for a Week” to give everyone more chances to join in on the celebration of Freddie and Queen.

This year, it means 3 evenings of live music at the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence as well as exclusive limited edition merchandise for the event and the special Freddie’s Milkshake Mustache. All purchases of the mustache (€2) will be proceeds donated to The Mercury Phoenix Trust who is dedicated to fighting AIDS worldwide.

Mark your calendars as the dates are next week:

September 5 – 10pm: KILLER QUEEN – The Official Italian Queen Tribute Band since 1995 with the talented Italian music singer Yaser Cryo!

September 9 – 10pm: BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY – A musical live tribute with the Compagnia del Villaggio will include music, dance, theater, special effects and a stunning stage. Based on real life events, with a spice of fantasy and, above all, Queen music providing lots of energy and charge to the evening.

September 12 – 10pm: DON’T STOP ME NOW – BE OUR FREDDIE FOR A NIGHT! Go onstage with the Cafe’s house band and Karaoke sing Queen’s top songs with the live band! It promises to be a fun and entertaining night for all who participate.

On each of these evenings, the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence will be serving a special Freddie and Queen themed fixed menu which includes an entree, a selection of burgers as a main course, dessert and a drink. The menu is €30 per person, or €35 if you wish to add a Nastro Azzurro beer. Both choices will include the donation to The Mercury Phoenix Trust and the Freddie Mustache.

For further details, you can send an email to or call 055/277841. Check out the Facebook Event page or book the evening’s special meal online.

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