Meet the Palatine Electress and Visit Civic Museums Free

Relive the historical character of Anna Maria Luisa de ‘Medici on Sunday February 17 at Palazzo Pitti and Monday February 18 in Palazzo Vecchio

On the anniversary of the death of Anna Maria Luisa (1677-1743), the last of the Grand-Ducal branch of the Medici, the City of Florence in collaboration with the Associazione MUS.E and the Gallerie degli Uffizi propose an evocative event re-enacting a woman whose choices were decisive for the definition of Florence as a “city of art”, as it is known today in the whole world. Her great merit is in the drafting of a legal act, known as the Patto di Famiglia, or Family Pact, thanks to which the last heir of the dynasty binds the state – the Grand Duchy of Tuscany – to all the assets that were part of the Medici collections: “… Galleries, Paintings, Statues, Libraries, Jewerly and other precious things […] on condition that it is for ornamentation of the State, for public utility and to attract the curiosity of the strangers, and it will not be transported and taken out from the Capital and the State of the Grand Duchy”.

The public will have the opportunity to meet Anna Maria Luisa de ‘Medici on Sunday February 17 at Palazzo Pitti, in the spectacular Sala del Fiorino, and on Monday February 18th in Palazzo Vecchio, in a tribute to the last Medici on the anniversary of her death together with free entry to several of Florence’s Civic Museums. The Electress lived at Palazzo Pitti in her youth and later on from 1717, after a period of twenty-six years spent in Düsseldorf alongside her husband, the Palatine Elector, bringing back to Florence and her apartments – as well as to the city – the refined taste of the art cultivated in Germany during those years.

The chance to “meet” the character will be followed by a debate with the public, and will be an opportunity to better understand the features of the historical figure and to immerse ourselves in the context of 18th-century Florence. It will hopefully be an unprecedented and engaging dialogue with history.

The event is scheduled for this Sunday February 17 in the Sala del Fiorino at Palazzo Pitti with three performances at 3pm, 4pm and 5pm and on Monday February 18 at Palazzo Vecchio in the same hours; participation is free but you are required to book ahead of time by phone at 055-2768224 and 055-2768558 (spaces are limited). Participation in the event does not include admission to Palazzo Pitti, for which you’ll need to pay if you wish to visit the museum.

  • Who: anyone can participate, from young people to adults
  • When: Sunday February 17 at Palazzo Pitti and Monday February 18 at Palazzo Vecchio at 3pm, 4pm and 5pm
  • Where: Sala del Fiorino, Pitti Palace, Piazza Pitti 1 on Sunday and Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza Signoria on Monday

Participation in the event is free but booking is mandatory.
Entrance to Palazzo Pitti museums is not included (tickets may be purchased to visit).

Free Florentine Civic Museums on February 18th

Monday, February 18 note that the following Florentine Civic Museums will be offering free entry:

Palazzo Vecchio open from 9am to 7pm and Tower open from 10am to 5pm
– Museo Novecento open 11am-7pm
Santa Maria Novella open 9am to 5:30pm
Brancacci Chapel open from 10am to 5pm
– Salvatore Romano Foundation from 10am to 5pm
– Bigallo Museum – guided tours by appointment (book at 055/288496) at 10am, 12pm and 3pm
Stefano Bardini Museum open from 11am to 5pm