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Park2Go: that's what you do in Florence!

Florence is a small, walkable city. You don't need a car while in Florence, but what if you arrive in Florence with one? You'll need to figure out where to park it before enjoying the sights!

Whether you're in Florence for just one day or for several, paid parking is the way to go. While you can park along many streets in Florence (all paid parking), street parking is scarce even for residents. You also have to remember to not drive into the ZTL, the limited traffic zone, while looking for parking or otherwise face fines. The best solution to not worry about either finding a spot or driving in the ZTL? Head to a parking garage within the ZTL area. Get as close as possible to where you're headed, which are the main sights if you're a visitor. For these practical reasons, the new parking garage Park2Go, a block away from the Duomo, is one I'll be recommending to many visitors to the city.

The parking garage Park2Go has been planned with visitors in mind. They offer a convenient place to leave your car while you set off to explore the city's main attractions a short walking distance away. Not feel like walking? They also offer rentals of electric bikes and small electric cars to make anyone wishing, or needing, alternate means possible.

If you're wondering why I would recommend a garage within the ZTL, it is for very practical reasons. If you knowingly head to a business in the center, they can send your license plate to the authorities saying you're exempt from any fines because you entered the ZTL to use their business. In this case, their business is parking! So you win from all points of view - easy access with no worries about the ZTL.

The garage is located in an elegant Renaissance palazzo owned by the Pucci family, one of the oldest noble families in Florence. It is centrally located, a block away from the Duomo and thus easy walking distance from all of the main sights. Open from 7am to 1pm, it's location makes it ideal for anyone heading to Florence for a full day visiting the sights, for shopping or even just the evening for a dinner or theater performance. Many restaurants and shops are located in the streets in the neighborhood, as well as top museums such as the Accademia (located on the same street).

With over 40 spots, the garage is large enough to accommodate many clients but if you're visiting during the high season or on the weekends, I'd highly recommend you book your spot directly online through their website before arriving. Cost varies by the size of your car, check that page to see current special offers and rates. You can park and pay for just a few hours, a whole day or multiple days. Rest assured that by choosing a private garage, your vehicle and any belongings inside will be safe as there is always someone on hand while the garage is open and all areas video monitored.

So if you're driving to Florence, just head to Park2Go and safely park your car near the main attractions. You can check out any promotions as well as book online by going to their site. Call +39 327 0993522 (Tommaso) or +39 055 0739873 for more information or if you have questions or doubts on how to get there (map it in a GPS to get there without worries).

Book your parking spot at Park2Go!

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Author: Lourdes Flores

I'm from California but have called Florence my home for over a decade. I love to explore Italy; it is a lot of fun to try to see everything like I'm seeing it for the first time, keeping you, our readers, always in mind. I enjoy sharing what I know and helping others as they make their travel plans for Tuscany through our Forum. If you have itinerary-related questions, please post them there!


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