Author: Cristina Romeo

Born in Florence at the end of the fabulous '70s, Cristina has always lived in the famous "cradle of the Renaissance". She's in love with her homeland, but also enjoys traveling and discovering new places. Cristina is mum to a lovely little girl, to whom she hopes to pass on all the passion and love of our precious, wonderful Tuscany.

No more eating street food in the streets

October 1, 2018

Were you craving one of those delicious panini and schiacciata found along the via de’Neri? Word to the wise, remember to eat while walking because it is now against the law to sit and eat along the roadside or in certain public areas. As of September 4th a new law is on the books by…

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Special summer opening of the towers, gates and Florentine fortresses

July 4, 2018

Until a few years ago, anyone staying for the summer or any part of it in Florence was practically doomed to suffer the heat and – above all – some boredom. There was a lack of ideas for activities and entertainment in the city. Fortunately, something has changed over the last few years! At least…

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Music All Summer Long in Florence

June 6, 2018

Music will be a constant companion in Florence, all summer long in 2018! Both locals and tourists visiting the city can take advantage of the rich calendar of musical events which includes something for everyone, moving from rock n’ roll to classical. FIRENZE ROCKS – from June 14 to 24 The stage at Visarno Arena…

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10 of the Best Instagram Photos in 2017 by VisitFlorence

January 3, 2018

2017 was another fabulous year of beautiful photographs of Florence thanks to everyone who shared their gorgeous shots with us by using our official hashtag #visitflorence on Instagram. We want to thank you – and invite you – to continue to follow us and share your photos with this “best of the year”. We cannot…

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Visit the Story of Florence: Its Guard towers, City walls & Gateways

July 4, 2017

The summer season offers Florentines and tourists alike the opportunity to discover the “hidden” parts of the city, by opening the doors to some historic places that traditionally only available during the summer months. We are talking about the towers, the gateways to the city and the city walls, all of which have been restored…

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YTALIA: Contemporary Italian Artist on Show at Forte Belvedere

Contemporary Italian art is the protagonist in Florence at the YTALIA Energia Pensiero Bellezza. Tutto è connesso – an exhibition spread throughout the city in specific symbolic locations: Forte Belvedere, Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens. Florence has long been considered a type of open air museum, where the antique and modern aspects have a…

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LIVE: The Restoration of Fontana del Nettuno in Piazza della Signoria

May 2, 2017

Last February, the restoration on the Fontana del Nettuno or Neptune’s Fountain located in Piazza della Signoria finally began. The large fountain, noted both for its majestic architecture and for its position, is an interesting site to behold for tourists. We can only imagine, the disappointment one feels when they see the metallic cage that…

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Florence is the perfect destination for a romantic trip

January 30, 2017

Just a few days ago on our Facebook Page VisitFlorence we invited our followers to open up their box of memories and tell us about their magical & romantic moments while in Florence with their sweetheart: Have you ever been to Florence with your sweetheart? Share your most romantic memory while in #Florence for our…

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10 Most Beautiful Photos from VisitFlorence’s Instagram in 2016

December 29, 2016

Everyday our  Visit_Florence su Instagram gallery gathers more and more new splendid images of Florence. A big heartfelt shout out to all those who have been sharing and using our official hashtag #visitflorence (that would be more than 62 thousand people!) We appreciate your participation and enthusiasm. We dedicate these top 10 photos from 2016 to you:…

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Vasari Corridor: just a sweet memory… at least until 2018

The Vasari Corridor, the famous walkway that unites the Uffizi Gallery with Palazzo Pitti, has been closed to the public since November 30th. The elevated passage was built by Giorgio Vasari, a celebrated architect , for the wedding of Francesco I de’ Medici to Giovanna d’ Austria in 1565. The corridor was the special method…

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