Florence is the perfect destination for a romantic trip

Just a few days ago on our Facebook Page VisitFlorence we invited our followers to open up their box of memories and tell us about their magical & romantic moments while in Florence with their sweetheart:

Have you ever been to Florence with your sweetheart?
Share your most romantic memory while in #Florence for our upcoming super sweet article about romance in our city!

Your comments were all so sweet! As I read them I had a spike in blood sugar that hasn’t happened to me since when I was pregnant. I guess with the approach of Valentine’s Day, our request brought out your sweet side.

It was a marvelous collection, formed of several different narratives in which Florence set the stage and sometimes was even an accomplice.  Each new entry practically told us how Florence unveiled a new and unsuspecting corner or romantic view at just the right moment.

Florence, it seems, was where many of you were engaged, and then later the venue for your destination wedding. I see that many have celebrated an unforgettable wedding anniversary or a special b-day right here in my home town.

The city was the special place of Laurie and her now husband. She tells how on their third visit to Florence, he asked her to marry him in the middle of Palazzo Vecchio. Then only 18 months later they said “I do” in the very same building. They return regularly to celebrate their anniversary.


The romantic view of the Duomo of Florence and the historic center illuminated at night, from the rooftop restaurant were the moments impressed in the memory of Vikki and Tom, when they came to celebrate their 10th anniversary. It seems many have fond memories of the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, but perhaps more than anything – many remember simply recall strolling the city streets, like Gulzar tells us in his post.

The trip to Florence was a dream come true just last year for Lyssa and her husband, a history professor who simply wanted to admire the Duomo up close. Then there are the stories of those who remember meeting their first love while in Florence, and as the songs tell us…you never forget your first love (and where you met them!)


Your stories and photos have been shared on Facebook.  The combination of responses has given us a few ideas for an ideal romantic itinerary walking through the city. Places like The Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore, Palazzo Vecchio, the panoramic view from Ponte Vecchio and that of Piazzale Michelangelo are almost mandatory. But then so are long walks (hand in hand), and the emotions you feel when you come face to face with the masterpieces in the Uffizi and the Galleria dell’Accademia.

Don’t even get me started on the idea of a delicious, yet romantic dinner complete with candles, views and great Tuscan wines. Those who are truly fortunate might even find their special song thanks to the street musicians that are often found performing under the stars in the city center. Just the right song, dedicated to lovers all over, is all it takes to make the evening perfect.

Once again, Florence has confirmed its place on top of the list of romantic destinations – and that’s not us tell you BUT you telling us!

The only thing left to do is make plans with your sweetheart to travel here.