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Best spots to take great pictures in Florence

Florence is the city where I was born and Tuscany is the beautiful region I live in. I love it and my photographic passion is born here. I am a young photographer who catches all the images that the charming Tuscan view offers visitors. Every time it changes its colors, white in a snowing winter, green during the spring; its yellow grain summer and finally the red autumnal leaves are also very famous. Here I am improving my skill, I am constantly shooting because (talking about photography) all Tuscany and Florence especially is certainly one of the most photogenic cities in the world.

Palazzo Vecchio

The streets of the historical centre ,the modern city municipality called Palazzo Vecchio whose doors are protected by Michelangelo Buonarroti’s work , the old bridge “Ponte Vecchio” and the famous Brunelleschi dome that all the world envy us, are all wonderful places where you can take so many pictures here.

The first and perhaps the most spectacular place where you can take some great photos of the city is certainly the Piazzale Michelangelo, universally recognized as the Florence terrace, is located at the foot of San Miniato’s hill and not far from other points of shot as the Roses garden, Boboli’s Gardens and the Forte Belvedere.

Enjoy with your camera an excellent panoramic view easily containable in a semi wide-angle lens. From Piazzale Michelangelo also a less experienced photographer can get some wonderful shots (often in all light conditions) but it is at sunset and especially in the evening that the city “wears its more beautiful dress” offering tourists a show that many European and world capitals envies us.

Another great place where you can have good photography is Fiesole hill, located on the opposite side of the Piazzale Michelangelo it is ideal for a Sunday walk, maybe a little tiring, but still interesting. After arriving in the small village take the road that leads to the panoramic view, from there you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city but beware of the light condition, because of the great distance from the city center it is not always possible to have a clear vision and so it is better go there on a beautiful clear winter day!

Importuno by Michelangelo

The third place where you can take pictures is the top of the Giotto’s church tower, steps climbing is very hard but the final view is matchless, from a photography point of view it is correct remember to the lover photographer and tourist that, at the top, a protective net run along the parapet but that it does not detract from the beauty of the place where you are.

Florence is all a beautiful postcard. Wander around, capture all the views, any corner can reveal surprises: the “importuno” the annoying face: the graffito that, according to legend, was carved by Michelangelo Buonarroti on the palazzo Vecchio wall; the “David statue” photographed between the paws of one of the lions, guardians of the Loggia dei Lanzi.

The Vasari Corridor that can be visited by booking in advance reveals an unforgettable face of Florence. It is an architecture fine work, that from the city municipality over Arno river come up to Pitti Palace, it is an ancient passage that transports visitor's imagination back in time.

Piazza Santa Croce

Ponte Vecchio, the city window on the Dante’s highly praised river:

per mezza Toscana si spazia
un fiumicel che nasce in Falterona
e cento miglia di corso nol sazia”.

Santa Croce and its white Carrara marble dress on the “historical football” (Calcio Storico) square that is constantly “monitored” by the watchful eyes of the great poet.. These images cannot slip a photographer eye.

For the corners and mirrors lovers an unusual place that might be interesting to take architecture photos is certainly the new courthouse, located in the city outskirts near the Peretola airport. This modern structure building offers an alternative contrasting point of shot view.

Finally, for the reportage lovers don’t miss the San Lorenzo central market where butchers and old shopkeepers make show of their ancient knowledge, but pay attention.. Ask always permission to take pictures!

Florence's historical center at sunset

Author: Ilaria Vangi

Young photographer, I am very fond of life and art. I have studied artistic subject and now I spend my time to taking pictures of all what catches my attention. I love living in Tuscany, I can take photos endlessly in this charming region. My belief is H. C. Bresson's promise: “To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart. It is a way of life”.


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